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Test Your Knowledge of Eligibility Requirements for Veteran Needs-Based Benefits
(Updated: 01/11/2019)

The Veterans Administration Final Rule 8320-01 went into effect on October 18, 2018.  This rule established new financial eligibility qualifications for Department of Veterans Affairs needs-based benefits, including Aid and Attendance.

Which of the following eligibility qualifications are included in this rule?

A.  To be eligible for benefits in 2019, a veteran’s net worth must be equal to or less than $126,420, which is also the community spouse resource allowance for Medicaid eligibility.  Annual increases in the net-worth limit will be linked to the social security cost-of-living increase.

B.  One primary residence with up to two acres, vehicles, and personal items can be excluded from the net-worth calculation.

C.  There is a 36-month look-back period for the transfer of any asset that occurs after October 18, 2018, for less than fair market value, including transfer to a trust or an annuity.  Five years is the maximum penalty period for an asset transfer that occurs during the 36-month look-back period.

D.  Unless there is clear and convincing evidence, the Department of Veterans Affairs will presume that assets were transferred for less than fair market value to qualify for a benefit.

E.  All of the above.

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Last Updated: 11/26/2018