Grace Nelson

Grace Nelson

President and Financial Advisor
Phone: 818.831.6631


“At Viewpoint, we often talk about focusing on what matters most—for me, that’s family.  I’ve been fortunate to develop wonderful relationships with my clients, and it feels like they’re part of my family.  The same values that I practice at home flow through to my business, and I’m proud that our next generation of advisors have adopted these principles.”  ~Grace Nelson


About Grace

Grace joined the firm in 1976, just two short years after it was founded.  She started out as a file clerk, but it quickly became clear that Grace had a talent for financial planning and a heart to help people.  She became the secretary for the firm’s president and assisted the financial representatives in servicing clients.  During this time, she became a financial advisor and worked with clients directly.  Always the overachiever, Grace pioneered the expansion of 21st Century Annuity Services from a small insurance agency to what is now Viewpoint Financial Advisors, a family wealth management firm that manages more than $130 million in client assets.

There are few advisors today who have seen as many changes as Grace has, and she brings her unique perspective and experience to each of her client relationships.

Grace and her husband/best friend, Rudy, live in Northridge, California and have seven grandchildren.  Together, they enjoy traveling the world, working on projects around the house, and watching just about any sporting event.